Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When do I get vacinated for Swine Flu?

At last there is some relief from Swine Flu scare which has been declared as a pandemic across the globe. In Germany around 23,000 people are infected with swine flu and it  is predicted to spread further this Autumn and Winter. Three people have already  succumbed to this deadly  H1N1 virus.

As a measure several German states have already started with vaccinations against Swine Flu on 26th October 2009.

Who will get vaccinated in the First phase of Immunization?
  • Medical Workers - as they come in contact with more H1N1 Infected people
  • Police Officers 
  • Fire Workers
  • People suffering from Chronic diseases like Asthma, Diabetes etc.
  • Pregnant  woman
  • Pop Stars who travel a lot and perform with huge crowds.

I am a normal person, When can I get Vaccination?
The Normal Public will have to wait till the end of Novemeber to get vaccinated.

Who will pay for the Vaccinations?
According to http://www.neuegrippe.bund.de  and http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/ischgkvlv/index.html, the expenses are born by the private and public insurances one is insured with. So no worries of burning out your pockets.

Whom should I contact for vaccinations?
NRW: 0180-310 02 10
Rheinland Pfalz: 06131-16 52 00
Saarland:  0681-501 36 94 and 0681-501 36 95
Sachsen: 030-346465100 (http://www.gesunde.sachsen.de/5786.html)
Sachsen-Anhalt: 0391-537 71 11
Schleswig-Holstein: 0431-160 66 66
Thüringen: 0361-37 74 30 99
Baden-Württemberg: 01805-633 22 5
Bayern: 089-31 56 01 01
Bremen: 0421-36114444 (Bremerhaven: 0471-59614444)
Hamburg: 040-428 37 37 95
Hessen: 0800-440 05 50
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: www.regierung-mv.de
Niedersachsen: 0511-450 55 55

Contact the above Hotlines for more information on Vaccination Program in your state. You can also contact your Local Health Office (Gesundheitsamt).

I think this step towards Swine flu has a got a sign of relief in people and a new hope to beat the H1N1 virus. Yet there seem to be growing unwillingness to get vaccinated in Germany because of rumored risks associated with it. According to one survey every one-fifth is unwilling to get vaccinated. But dont believe in rumors, vaccination is a must for everyone though it is left to the individuals discretion.

The famous adage goes this way:
"Prevention is better than Cure"

References: www.bild.de


  1. but why are they reluctant for vaccination??


  2. Hello Kirti,
    The revelations made in the Press that top officials and other Public Workers will get Celvapan vaccine manufactured by Baxter has less side-effects than the mass Pandermix vaccine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline has raised doubts in the Public that the vaccines approved by European Commission has more side-effects than to its real impact. Therefore, after these Press revelations which are quite untrue, the more cautious German public has become reluctant for vaccinations. The EU Commission approved three vaccines Pandermix, Celvapan and Focetria and there isn't a better or worse.There are none or a few side-effects(for those who are suffering from some diseases) with all the three approved vaccines. Just shed ur fear away about rumored or politicized side-effects row.

  3. Dear friend,
    Thank you for visiting & following my blog. I am now following this blog, let's keep in touch.

  4. To add more to my comments before:
    However, Pandemrix, a vaccine by GlaxoSmithKline PLC contains an adjuvant, while Germany's politicians, government employees and troops will get Celvapan, made by Baxter International without an adjuvant.

    Adjuvants - or chemical compounds that boost the human body's immune response and stretch the vaccine's active ingredient so more doses can be made - are relatively new in flu vaccines, and there is limited data on how safe they are in certain population groups, such as pregnant women and children. No flu vaccines with adjuvants are licensed in the U.S., though they are commonly used in Europe.

    The World Health Organization recommends countries use vaccines with adjuvants to increase the global supply.
    Factually many other flu (other than Swine flu) vaccines have the potential to cause side effects, from sore arms and headaches to fever.