Friday, October 9, 2009

Floods in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka - Flood Relief - Help - Donate

The worst floods in 100 years has devasted most of South Andhra Pradesh and North Karnataka. The floods have created a massive havoc leading to the death of more than 250 people in Andhra Pradesh and around 200 people in Karnataka and rendered more than 3 million people homeless. There was death and destruction in those regions.

The governments of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have appealed for help from individuals and NGOs to rebuild the devasted areas and provide a new hope for the people affected.

I am hereby posting some of the links whereby you can contribute in aiding those affected towards flood relief.

For those living in India:
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Relief Fund:

Karnataka NGOs:

            1. Community Health Cell (CHC - SOCHARA), 
              85/2, Ist Main, Maruthi Nagara,
              Madiwala, Bengaluru – 560068 

              (Contact: Pushpa, 9449870223);
              Email : 
           2. Janarogya Andolana Karnataka (JAAK),
                (Contact: Obalesh, 9740524128); 

           3. Association for India’s Development (AID), 

                Contact: Prasanna Saligram 9916937280, 

                             Guru : 9845294184),


       1. Headstreams, 
         2200, HAL II Stage, 5 E Cross, 
         17 A Main, Bangalore – 560 008
         (Contact: Naveen Thomas, 9342858056, 080-25200318), 


For those living in India and Overseas:
Aid India: 

Aid India Collection Points in India:
     * Hyderabed
          o Srihari D - +91-9390002143 -
            Kiran V - +91-9701705743 -
            Suresh D - +91-9703654585
     * Bengaluru
          o Sathish Sundaram - +91-9900505975

     * Secunderabad: 
           134A East Marredpally,
           Secunderabad - 500026
           Contact: Vidya J @ 9394006036

    Sewa USA:
    Please do help as much as you can. I shall appreciate your inputs in further updating this list.

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      Please visit my blog to read the updates being sent to me by our partner NGOs working in the field.