Monday, October 5, 2009

I am Farmer on Farmville-Facebook, Are you?

Despite being a keen fan of social networking, I was never much busy on facebook as I am now. Well, for obvious reasons of the World, I am farming. Yes, I am a farmer on Farmville, a popular online game on Facebook. Well, I guess it is not just the case with me for all the hype Farmvilla has generated among Facebook followers across the globe. I never thought Farmville, thou in its Beta version would have such a big impact on my day-to-day activities. Initially, as a novice to it, I was little lacklustre, but once I got a niche over it and the very enthusiasm to surpass my friends (your competitor Farmers), I got glued to it.

I do make sure, I spend some hours ploughing, seeding, harvesting and investing the money i earn to extend and decorate my farm. Since every harvest needs some specific time duration depending upon the type of crop you grow, I arrange my daily activities. If I fail to harvest in time, my crops may rot. So I do adjust my daily activities accordingly to the harvest schedules and I do schedule the harvests depending on my availability. Well, it sounds like I am freaked about Farmville.

I know this has been a rage with many. Today, I read one article on Farmville which highlights how much it has engrossed the lives of young Indians, just read it here to know its impact and also read it if you dont know what Farmville is all about :-)

Why dont you share your experiences? By the way i reached level 24 in Farmville :-). Which level are you?


  1. Hi seema,

    I accidentally dropped into your blog and I must say its really interesting and different.

    well Farmville where do I start i completely agree with u.. I am so addicted to it now that I have sleepless nights worrying about my crops and harvesting :D

    ya that's the level of excitement on it..I am totally glued to it..harvesting all thru the day even when I am at work :)

    by the way I am in level 29 now :)
    just wondering would be my neighbor in Farmville :D


  2. I have tried to stay out of it and until have succeeded but the constant invites are not helping...
    The one thing that is really bad for facebook is the amount of information i get about other people farmvile (like person X as found a lonely sheep) they should really stop this messages.
    good luck with the farming