Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm a Chakkr - the Courier Wheel

You all might have known that taxation system of Germany is the most complicated in the World. I do really cannot follow it, and I see how much my hubby struggles to get our tax declarations done. Well, not only the language does hurt you a lot, but also the ever-changing the taxation rules add to the complications. I really wonder if even the people who work in Finance Offices (Finanzamt) are aware of all the rules.

We shell out almost 40% of what we earn every month, yes indeed Germany's income tax rate is the highest in the World, we try here and there to get some tax returns. There are lots of things for which you can claim a little portion of tax back, yet with different clauses and regulations which I think even the one who framed those might not understand on the whole. Recently, we ran thru some tax hurdles of which one of them is the "Family Maintenace Support" (Unterhaltungserklärung) for which we needed to produce a "Family Maintenance Support Certificate" (Unterhaltungsbescheinigung) duly signed by the Head of your place of residence in your country of permanent residence or nationality. Infact for our tax declarations we did produce one but was sent back stating it was unacceptable and we need to get a new one duly signed by the Head of District of your place of residence in your country. We have to respond to this request from Finance Office within a stipulated period until then our tax declarations are not processed further and if we do fail to respond, the "Family Maintenance Support" returns would be scrapped from our declaration.

By the time, we could understand what we have to do from our tax consultant our deadline was nearing, then CHAKKR came to our rescue. We heard about Chakkr from our frens here who has already tried and very quite satified with it.

Chakkr, basically is a network of people whereby you can either offer a courier service or seek a courier service for some minimal price left at the discretion of the individuals. We quickly enrolled thru it and we browsed thru the courier offers and fortunately enough we found someone flying from Düsseldorf to India offered to be a Courier. We contacted him who offered us to help with a minimal price and well we handed our certificate to him and whom my family did contact in India and took the certificate from him. We could also manage to find a courier offer from Bangalore to Düsseldorf. Pefect, we got our signed in certificate much faster than normal postal and courier services yet cheaper.

Now we are also Chakkrs. Chakkr has indeedly helped us a lot and it is more reliable and fast. I believe Chakkr indeed is doing a great job, it does not only help us our courier services get done much faster and cheaper, it also helping us build a network and earn the satisfaction of helping someone and also earn a few bucks.

Well, frens, as an ardent follower of Chakkr, I do really advise you to be CHAKKRS, yet atelast try it out. It is not only for India, it is for everyone and everywhere around the globe. Be a Chakkr and build your network.


  1. Thats a pretty good thing, coz indians have been doing this for years havent they?.....nyways i was surprised by the complicated german laws.....

  2. I'm also a CHAKKR since last couple of weeks. Its nice to see that such "lets-help-each-other" kind of initiatives are spreading fast. A fellow CHAKKR had helped me to get my Wedding DVD from India to Germany (where I live) in just 12 hours. It was unbelievable that something like that could work out. But all went very smooth.

    I saw a few remarks about the "security" aspect of this initiative. Some people expressed concerns in taking parcels from strangers. Would be interesting to see how many of CHAKKRs had to deal with such "trust" related issues offline, and how they handled it.

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  4. Hi Yljien,

    Your comment doesn't belong to the context of this blog entry. This blog entry is about CHAKKR courier community and how it helped the author in one way or other.

    Please avoid posting irrelevant comments to nice informative blogs.