Thursday, May 13, 2010

Being a Green Courier!

Social Networks have truly revolutionized the web. We do feel lifeless and listless without these social networks where we are virtually networked with many of our friends and family and also networked with virtual friends. Every day we do hear about some or the other new social network. Well, some social networks are unique, yet most of them are just copies of many others.

Off all these, one social network, I would like to highlight which is quite unique, innovative, practical and quite helpful in day-to-day life. It is CHAKKR, a network of travellers, claiming to be a new Green Courier Revolution. Indeed it is. Chakkr concept is not new to many of us. How many times have we not posted in innumerable community forums, asking anyone among us is travelling to India or somewhere else and can carry or bring some letter or a packet which is quite important and urgent for us. How many times have we not asked our friends to who is travelling to India or coming from India to Germany to carry or bring our packets. Well, in India, how many times have we not asked the Bus drivers travelling from Bangalore to Hyderabad to carry an urgent letter. Indeed Chakkr innovatively integrates all these and provide us a common platform.
How to become a Chakkr?
Becoming a Chakkr is quite simple, just logging into and register yourselves and start using it by being a courier or seek a courier.
Why Chakkr?
- SEND/GET A PACKET: If you have a packet or an important letter to send it to India from Germany, you make a “Seeking a Courier” request asking if anybody is travelling to India with a brief description of your courier need. If anyone of other chakkrs is travelling, then they shall contact you directly or you can contact any of the chakkrs who has made “courier available” requests.
- TAKE/BRING  A PACKET: If you are travelling to India from Germany, you can make a “Courier Available” request with the description of your travel. Well, anyone who is seeking courier shall contact you and come to terms with you and you can agree upon taking or bringing their packets.
- SHOPPING USING TRAVELLERS: You love chocolates from Swiss or wine from France, Cuckoo Clocks from Black Forest, just check out Chakkr if anyone from Swiss or France or Germany travelling to your home country and buy your favorites for you and bring it to you so that you can pay them later.
How else can Chakkr Helps?
- Adds some more buddies to your virtual friends’ list.
- Well, Chakkr does help you earn some bucks too, Chakkr allows you to quote a small price for your service, ofcourse totally dependant on individual’s discretion.
- For those who commute daily between cities for work or for business, does really help earn some extra bucks to pay off may be their travelling expenses.
How reliable is Chakkr?
Can we really trust those who wanted to deliver our needs? Chakkr provides a mutual agreement of trust between the two parties who come to terms to deliver each other’s needs and services. I have been using Chakkr for quite a while now, and Indeed it is quite reliable as for example if you want to send some important letter to India, you usually find the potential courier for yourselves and you either meet this person or talk to this person before you hand-over your letter. If you don't have confidence in a certain potential courier, you can always go for other potential couriers.
Definitely Chakkr is quite practical and helpful for everyone. Just give a try and lemme know your experiences.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why Keukenhof is famous among Indians?

Keukenhof, the famous Tulip Garden in Holland are everyone’s favorites. Offlate one of my German colleagues has visited Keukenhof Tulip Gardens and was surprised that every 3rd or 4th visitor is Indian and when he came back and asked me why?
Well, here is the answer:
 Truly speaking, my colleague was absolutely right. The bus we took from Düsseldorf itself was occupied by as many as 35 Indians of 50 seats though. And once we reached there, well, leaps and bounds of Indians. I felt very happy as I felt more like I was in India than in Holland. But I was really wondering, why it is very popular among Indians?
I do feel, we Indians are inherent flower lovers, aren’t we? what say? What do you think?
By the way, I tried some creativity in taking pictures at Keukenhof. Creativity gone wrong or not?