Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why Keukenhof is famous among Indians?

Keukenhof, the famous Tulip Garden in Holland are everyone’s favorites. Offlate one of my German colleagues has visited Keukenhof Tulip Gardens and was surprised that every 3rd or 4th visitor is Indian and when he came back and asked me why?
Well, here is the answer:
 Truly speaking, my colleague was absolutely right. The bus we took from Düsseldorf itself was occupied by as many as 35 Indians of 50 seats though. And once we reached there, well, leaps and bounds of Indians. I felt very happy as I felt more like I was in India than in Holland. But I was really wondering, why it is very popular among Indians?
I do feel, we Indians are inherent flower lovers, aren’t we? what say? What do you think?
By the way, I tried some creativity in taking pictures at Keukenhof. Creativity gone wrong or not?


  1. Beautiful pics :) Planning every year but somehow we miss it. Our life is dominated by colours, might be that is the reason we would love to visit this more colourful place BUT the imp reason may be that Keukenhof is often shown very beautifully in Indian movies :) and u know Indians and movies are indeperable :)

  2. @Manju (Life is beautiful): Thanks, that's true our movies have many a times highlighted Keukenhof, and well, no wonder it is a dream place for us to visit.

    @magiceye: Thanks

    @Kcalpesh: Thanks

  3. Beautiful! Love to visit Keukenhof once!
    Indians adore flowers and inherently they are attracted towards flowers and moreover loads of Bollywood movies have already made Keukenhof a dream destination to visit once in a life time.

  4. amazing pics... i hope i can see it in person..

  5. These flowers are too beautiful!!!

    Nice post!!