Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nothing can be so beautiful

Seems like volcanic ash has totally cleared off the skies in Europe as surprisingly we had a very clear and warm weekend. Spring has already set its eye in Germany for a while now after a long chilly winter, yet for all the time it was never a Spring climate thou. Despite, trees have turned green and flowers started blooming. I really love the Summer out here, it is quite colourful not only the nature but also people. Everybody seems to be so colourful, so happy and they all look just different people than to what they are in other seasons in Germany. Truly weather does play a greater role on the personalities of the people.
This weekend was quite warm out here, should say the first warm days of the Summer of this year. We did not miss the chance to hang out thou. We had been to Düsseldorf Benrath, a part of Düsseldorf city famous for its Schloß Benrath (Benrath Palace). Besides Castle, it has the most beautiful Gardens of Düsseldorf. The pink-colored Palace is beautified with a high fountain in the facade and amazingly beautiful Garden surrounding the Palace.

You might have guessed right, the Palace Garden is a heaven for nature lovers. I was totally lost admiring its beauty and trying every bit to capture it on my small camera.
Don’t you see glimpses of a “Photographer” in making? :-). Lovely aren’t they?
More info on Schloß Benrath at:


  1. Oh yeah... I truly admire the amateur photographer turning into a professional :)

    I can say just one word 'AWESOME'! Keep experimenting and share more photos :)

  2. That was very good.How far it gone to flair of cams.So nice pics.Its truly an encouragement for others to do so.Thank you so much

  3. wow nice pic and cam positions

  4. Those were some beautiful pics..I think u must take the photographer in you seriously!!!


  5. Nice photos! But couldn't get you why saying "Nothing can't" ...

  6. @Mohan @Varun, @leevogue, @Shahid, thanks that's great encouragement from you all.

    @Shankha, I haven't realized thou, yet I did correct it with "Nothing can't". Thanks for your observation.