Wednesday, January 27, 2010

India – A Journey to the Land of Mystery and Wonders

Well, might be wondering what’s new in it, thou being a die-hard Indian, I am not going to start admiring about India here. India – A Journey to the Land of Mystery and Wonders is an exotic show currently being overwhelming the cold Germans in chilling winter.

The show is a grandeur display of Indian colors, a treat to the visitors with amazing Indian acrobatic feats like Mallakhamb, yoga contortions, fire-dance, Bollywood dance, alluring and majestic music with aesthetical ambience of a Maharaja’s Palace. Definitely it is an attempt to lead you to journey to India. The well-choreographed performances by the best show-makers in business with also a pre-show culinary treat. It indeed shall provide some respite from the most adverse winters Germany has not faced in the recent past.

India show has already made its premiere in Frankfurt from 17th December and lasted till 24 January 2010. It has already acclaimed great response from the most prominent people from Frankfurt as it did from the everyone who made their presence in the huge tent with majestic Maharaja’s ambience. The show shall continue to make its presence in other major cities of Germany. The details are as follows:

Hamburg: 28.01.2010 – 03.03.2010

Berlin: 05.03.2010 – 11.04.2010

Stuttgart: 01.07.2010 – 01.08.2010

and Austria’s Capital Vienna: 02.11.2010 – 09.11.2010

The tickets start from €29.

Deutschland Frankfurt Circus India Produktion der Prime Time Entertainment AG Deutschland Frankfurt Circus India Produktion der Prime Time Entertainment AG

Spectacle INDIA India-show-dance India-show-acro

The India show, with its modern lights and sounds with the mix of traditional colors, shall definitely appeal to all senses. A definite glimpses of a country trying to combine high-tech with its rich cultural traditions. So don’t give a miss.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chilling Greetings

First of all, I wish you all a very happy new year. It has been long since I did publish any posts. Well, I was on relatively long vacation for Christmas and New Year, travelling lots of places. I shall detail further in forth-coming posts some interesting things which kept me occupied and away from blogging.

Many things have happened in a span of a month – Copenhagen Climate Summit was a total fiasco; Cameron’s Avatar reset new records by drawing lots of parallels with the current socio-political issues around the globe; Bollywood’s 3 Idiots pressing for reformation in the current education system; Snowstorm Daisy creating a havoc in many parts of Europe including Germany; and last but not least the Haiti Earthquake shaking the whole world.

I shall not delve deeper into these topics, yet appeal everyone to bring some or the other way, a little hope to those who have been deeply affected by Earthquake in Haiti.

I hereby post some interesting snowy pictures from Germany.

Snow Blanket:                                      Snow Wave:

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Snow Towel:                                       Snow Table Cloth:

66 44

Snow Roof:


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