Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nefertiti is back at its Home in Berlin after 70 years

The World's most admired statue of Nefertiti, the Queen of Egypt,  is finally back in its Neues Museum, Berlin, its original home in Germany after 70 years. The statue is 3500 years old and already has a missing eye, despite it is admired all over the world for its elegance and exact symmetry of her face and long swan-like neck.

Nefertiti was discovered in 1912 in Egypt and was brought to Neues Museum in Berlin. Due to bombings during World War II, it was moved to safety in Harz Mountains of Central Germany. After the World War, Americans seized the Bust and moved it to Frankfurt and finally ending up a Central Warehouse of Weisbaden State Museum. In 1956, it was moved back to Berlin, but not to its original home Neues Museum as it was destroyed a lot during the war. It was placed in Dahlem Museum, Berlin. In 1967, it was moved to Egytian Museum at Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin. It was also moved to Berlin's ultramodern Postdamer Platz and then to Altes Musuem of Berlin before it reached back to its renovated Neues Museum.

Neues Museum is open for public and hopefully we dont want to miss the chance of marvelling the beauty of Nefertiti once we visit Berlin again.

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  1. "...its home"
    "its original home .."

    Wow. It is nowhere near its home. It was stolen from its home, which is in Egypt.

  2. Hallo Anonymous,

    Infact you are right, I should have referred it as its present original home or atleast present home. There is still much controversy going about it, I just dont want to indulge in it, as I dont know much about its past like how it was brought to Germany. Anyhow it is such a marvelous statue you would never like to miss visiting Neues and see it :-)

    -Seema Syed