Saturday, October 17, 2009

Frankfurt Book Fair 2009 - Printed Words or Virtual Worlds

The Frankfurt Book Fair has already started (14th October) and shall last till 18th October, 2009 in Frankfurt. You may be wondering what`s so special about Frankfurt Book Fair though Book Fairs are organized in many countries. Yet the Frankfurt Book Fair is very unique and the biggest and well very special as Germany, which we may all know or may not be everyone, is where the first printing machines were invented by Gutenberg. (

This year 6900 exhibitors from around 100 countries have gathered in Frankfurt, yet these figures are smaller compared to the last year, well for the obvious resons of  "the great economic crisis". Well, there is one more reason, the virtual world. Nowadays more and more shift is towards the digital media. Ebooks and Kindle have been dominating the traditional paper books, yes why not, when we do spend most of the time on the PCs and our smartphones which are capable of rendering the ebooks, and obviously we may feel more comfortable using these gadgets than to carrying the bulky paper books. And also Amazon Kindle has been getting much popularity.

Despite all these, yet I feel comfortable reading those bulky paper books, probably I am used to them. May be things change sooner or later. Well, how about you, what are you comfortable of?

I am hereby posting an opinion poll, please post your opinion in the comments :-)

How do you prefer to read your favorite Book or Books?
Printed Paper Book
Ebook on Ebook Readers (Kindle etc)
Ebook on PC/Notebook
Ebook on Smartphone

Please donot forget to leave your comments with your opinion.

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