Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Politically (in)Correct words of 2009

The Global Language Monitor included "Swine Flu", the words the whole World is scared about, in its top 10 most politically (in)correct words and phrases of 2009.

The top 10 Politically Correct Words and Phrases of 2009 are:

1. Swine Flu - Though millions know the current pandemic as Swine Flu, the various governments and agencies for political motives ranging from protecting pork producers to religious sensitivity have chosen to call the virus by its formal name, influenza A(H1N1).

2. Flush Toilet - Green Movement has made Flush Toilets, Toiler Paer and Toilet use more watchful.

3. Green Revolution - Green Revolution gained popularity because many believe that the world has paid a s "stiff price in environmental degaradation".

4. Minority - Talking about minorities is considered insensitive to minorities since this can make them feel, well, like minorities.

5. Saint - In addition to the word "saint", 'bishop', 'chapel'. and 'Pentecost' Oxford has removed these words from the Junior Dictionary.

6. Politically Correct – The term politically correct has, itself, is now politically correct, Be careful how you use it.

7. Oriental – In the US considered offensive to Asians because the term is based on the geographic relationship of Asia from a Western perspective. In Europe (and in most Asian nations), however, Oriental is acceptable.

8. Founding Fathers – Though all the Signers of the American Declaration of Independence were men, this is considered sexists in some quarters. Founders, please.

9. Black Sheep – Though originally referring to the rare birth of a lamb with black fur, now considered ethnically insensitive; the same is true for Black Day, Conversely, terms like White Collar and Whiter than White all can be used to encourage a hierarchical value of skin tone.

10. Senior Citizen – In the name of ‘inclusiveness,’ the UK’s Loughborough University’s suggests replacing senior citizen with ‘older person’.

The Top Politically Incorrect Terms and Phrases for previous years include:

    * 2008: “He Can’t Win” – Hillary Clinton’s coded reference to Barack Obama’s ethnic background as an insurmountable impediment to him winning the US Presidency

    * 2007: Nappy-headed Ho — Radio personality Don Imus’ reference to the women on the Rutgers University championship basketball team.

    * 2006: Global Warming Denier – Scientists not denying climate change, but the role of humans in the millennia-old process.

    * 2005: Misguided Criminals – A BBC commentator attempts to strip away all emotion from the word ‘terrorist’ by using ‘neutral’ descriptions for those who carried out the 7/7 tube bombings.

    * 2004: Master/Slave computer jargon – LA County re-labels computer documentation to remove this alleged slur that has been used for decades describing computer hierarchies.

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