Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We are not terrorized

It has been a year now when terrorists have carried deadly attacks on 26/11 which has terrified Mumbai City for more than 60 hours and claimed 166 innocent lives. Their ultimate motto was to create fear, gut wrenching fear and spread panic and hysteria everywhere. Terrorists know very well, if they don’t create such a big fear and hysteria by such a big bloodbath, everyone will forget the tragedy much more quickly as a bus accident or a train accident. There have been many terrorist attacks before 26/11 in India, but no one remembers and neither did the whole World was glued to the Televisions broadcasting live the massacre.

Terrorists have achieved what they wanted, they crave for being noted and noticed in a much bigger way. They carried such big massacres over and over again to get noticed and to reach the maximum. Therefore 9/11, 12/10, 7/7 and 26/11 shall be remembered for the biggest achievements of terrorists. They reached the maximum hearts and created fear in them. And that is what they die for. They want us to be afraid about. Every attack has led to the blood-bath of the innocent children, men and women. Lives of people are lost for no reason. But every year if we invest ourselves in recalling those anniversaries and remember those hours, more and more fear creep into our lives and that is when the terrorists build their superstructure of fear.


We lost many of our fellow citizens, we lost of heroes on this day, we do remember them but we do not let our spirits down. Future lies in not recalling these memories and encouraging those perpetrators who leapt into our homes and try to shake its pillars and cause unforgettable pain. It is important to forget our own mistakes and prepared in much better way for the future and show the world that we are not afraid, we are not terrorized. We move on in our lives with our heads high, we are not afraid of anyone, terrorists did hurt us, but they cannot break our spirit and our resolve. We move on and we move on with courage and our heads high.

May God bring peace to all those who lost their lives on 26/11.

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  1. hi! nice blog. thanks for the favor. we're having same problem here in our country the fear of terrorism is still alive in our minds and hearts. hope the terror of terrorism will be stopped soon;)

  2. You are very right in saying that we should not recall things to allow the fear become big in us. Whatever we fear, domiates us. You are very right in saying that we should remember things only up to a point that they serve us protect ourselves better and not to feel terrorised. Nice blog. Keep it up.

  3. I totally is important that we remember our heroes...but not the terrorists and their activities.....

    Seema this one event made me ponder on many of them why this...and to be honest I dont have an answer..I only wish that someday sanity will prevail

  4. You're right in that there have been so many terrorist attacks prior to 26/11 last year...but nothing was done. It's because they didn't target the Taj and Oberoi but chose to blow up trains instead. Let's hope we see the end of terrorism in our lifetime...but the cynic in me highly doubts it...

  5. though we are not afraid, what matters is what we are doing for this to not happen again in any country any place in the world. Any act of terrorism is detasteful and not every country start war against terror just like US did.

  6. Hey hi, hope everybody is fine. well it pinches me a lot when Indian Government talks of mumbai attack blaming Pakistan to do more... They behave totaly unrealistically, there was only one Mumbai attack and we in Pakistan are facing terrorist attacks on each and every day and many precious lifes are wasted by such stubborn minded suicide bombers, they dont follow any religion and they dont have any nationality, it is a universal issue and the best practice to tackle them is to tackle psychologically.....