Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Binge Drinking among children

I happened to read a news article today in which a 7 year old boy was hospitalized in Berlin, Germany later "after 6pm" in serious conditions due to over-consumption of alcohol which German media described it as "Alcohol-Poisoning", ofcourse it should have been more termed as "self-poisoning". It was shocked at the very thought how come a seven year old get access to what is called "the prohibited" to the under-16. Well, it was also stated that the "the seven year child" drank alcohol at the playground with his nine year old brother who acquired the beverages from the other under-age teens. God! They all are just children.

I really wonder where are the parents? May be I was raised in totally different World than the rest, may be parents were over-protective. I remember, when I was seven years old eventhou it was close by, even if my brother accompanied me, I was not allowed. And we had just one rule, never move your ass out after 6pm and be in the house premises before 6pm and before the street lights are switched on. It was not just for me being an "Indian Girl" but the same rule applied for my elder brother too. I am very much disturbed when I read the news article.

There has been several reports that Binge Drinking is rise among children in countries like Germany, UK etc, but to my surprise when I googled i found almost 30% children are passionate towards drinking alcohol or Binge Drinking - consuming 5 or more drinks in a row. The reasons for Binge drinking among the children is just the pressure from the peers, curiosity to know what it is like and how it feels to be over-drunk, and to make themselves feel that they are older. But these children never realize that it is much dangerous than what it seems like. The passion to "Do It" is more than the ability to think about its consequences.

Studies have been made every year, and every year there has been rise in binge drinking, is it due to lack of proper measures or there is something seriously going wrong? May be there is something or much to do with the environment or circumstances in which child is reared or parents more careless towards their children or children just don't listen to their parents? Sometimes, i feel I am lucky being an Indian whereby the access to alcohol is quite limited, yet the ever-growing urbanization is leading to more negative impacts than to positivities of it.


  1. it's really a serious matter hope we all will overcome this

  2. True! It's becoming very serious. The first time I was allowed to drink was at 11years old, will full parental permission & supervision. I was allowed 1 Bacardi Breezer (it's just 200 ml & contains less alcohol than beer!) My mom's theory was that if I was given a chance to try it at home, I would not seek to try it outside. She was right. I drink at home, very occasionally, always 1 Breezer. Other than that I'm very level headed. I know what I'm doing & would never drink more. Experimentation is okay, as long as you are strong willed enough.