Thursday, November 12, 2009

Updates Swine Flu Vaccinations in Germany

I did already post earlier about Swine Flu vaccinations in Germany, yet there has been lot of confusion everywhere about the genuinity of the vaccinations their side-effects and also about its need. I am hereby providing some insight into the recent developments about the Swine Flu vaccinations controversary in Germany.

Well, we all have heard about the first controversary about the genuinity of the Swine Flu vaccinations itself. Germany has placed orders for two types of vaccinations, Baxter's Celvapan and Glaxosmithkline's Pandermix. There has been revelations that Baxter's Celvapan which are ordered in less number and introduced in Germany for the first phase of vaccinations whereby only "people in power" are preferred has less side-effects compared to massly ordered Pandermix. Pandermix, less tested and containing adjuvants, definitely may have more side-effects than to Celvapan, yet the side-effects are neither fatal nor serious. The side-effects may be more in children and pregnant women. But the side-effects range from fever, swelling of the injection part of the body, dizziness, shivering. But every vaccination has similar side-effects and it is quite usual. Yet every individual is different and every individual will have different experiences.

Well on the other side, the swine flu vases are multiplying in tens and thousands everyday in Germany and already the number of infected has reached beyond 47,000 and the death toll has reached 17. I dont emphasize that you should go for vaccinations, it is left to individuals choice.

Yet, Prevention is better than Cure. Protect yourselves by keeping yourselves healthy. 
Dont forget to add turmeric to your food - turmeric increases your immunity. 
Wash your hands properly with soap whenever you come back after going out of your house.

The list of doctors where you can have vaccinations in some of the important cities of Germany are as follows:

Aachen : Click Here
Berlin: Click Here
Bochum: Click Here
Bremen: Click Here
Dortmund: Click Here
Duisburg: Click Here
Düsseldorf: Click Here
Essen: Click Here
Hamburg: Click Here
Hannover: Click Here
Köln: Click Here
München: Click Here
Stuttgart: Click Here

Well, decide for yourselves if you need a vaccine or not. Please take care and protect yourselves. Share your experiences with Swine Flu vaccinations in comments, may be it helps others and everyone.

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  1. Wasn't so keen to get one even though they started out here a month or two ago. Given that I work in the healthcare industry (along with education) I am supposed to be one of the few that's gotta get one but I have my doubts...

    Hasn't the whole hype around it died though?

  2. Its the same overhere in The Netherlands

  3. thanks god my country is saved from Swine flu and hope that we all will overcome to this flu

  4. my country is also saved so far.. Thnx Almighty... any how, nice sharing dear seema.

  5. Its good to see latest developments going on in the world for the Swine Flu.

  6. I agree with you it is a personal choice and I do not want to get the shot because I believe it is poison.

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    Thqanks for sharing this map to us,
    there is huge possibility to treat swine flu by Herbal Product.

  8. I hope Germany is still getting enough vaccine. I'm from OK, USA and my daughters and I waited in line for 3 hours in the cold. It was worth it though. I don't like vaccines but 2 of their friends were out for 1 1/2 weeks with it and they were soooo sick.