Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Needless Isolation

When AIDS was still a little understood disease, the governments across the globe have taken initiatives such as Isolation of the AIDS victims and also travel restrictions were put into place to slow or altogether stop people living with HIV to travel. Over 20 year after the restrictions were originally implemented, many countries have eliminated these inappropriate restrictions after a broad consensus from the public health community agreed about their ineffectiveness and discriminatory nature. In spite of this, 74 countries still have some form of HIV specific travel restrictions, and 12 countries ban HIV positive people from entering the country for any reason or length of time.

This picture depicts "THE MAN IN THE BALL" campaign. This initiative is to highlight the isolation felt by the people living with HIV/AIDS. 1st December is observed as World AIDS Day. Take a pledge not to isolate the AIDS victims and spread this message.

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  1. Isolate the disease and not the victim....that should be the message this dec 1

  2. Its indeed a good topic to discuss. Its just unfair to isolate HIV infected patients. Insteand more health awareness has to be given to the people. Its unfortunate that many countries still follow the isolation procedures.

  3. Good post Seema..
    The only way to fight this is making ppl aware of AIDS and changing their perceptions.

  4. Nice post.. especially love the the attached picture.