Saturday, September 19, 2009

Range De filling new colors in the lives of the needy!

Today when I was browsing, I came across The concept has really impressed me a lot. Rangde is India's first online micro-lending platform offering low-income households micro-credits with low interest rates. Rangede provides the platform for the individuals to make social investments by lending small amounts of money (in multiples of Rupees 500) to the small business peoples from Indian villages and towns who have less access to the bank credits.

Anybody can be a social investor and can choose their borrowers from the geographical area of their choice by selecting the potential borrowers from the lists which are consistently growing in The investor gets a nominal financial return on the money they invest and they also get some tangible social return through evaluation reports and updates from the field.

Rangde provides loans for micro-enterpreneurs at 8.5% interest rate and for students at 5% interest.

May be small investments we make can bring big changes in somebody's lives.
Range Education:


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