Monday, September 28, 2009

Angie Wins Elections in Germany

Well, well much awaited and much anticipated German Elections 2009 results have come and Angela Merkel has managed to stay again as a Chancellor with a different Deputy this time. Merkel belonging to CDU (Christian Democratic Union) has preferred a different coalition with FDP (Free Democratic Party) which is headed by Guido Westerwelle dumping her older partner Steinmeir from SPD (Social Democratic Party).

This Black (CDU) and Yellow (FDP) coalition has tougher challenges ahead with the economy yet to be reeled out of recession, German Army's presence in Afghanistan against the will of many Germans etc. We just have to wait and watch. Yet Angie being the most powerful woman of the World (chosen by Forbes) may atleast live upto the Faith and Trust entrusted in her.

Overturned and Dumped Steinmeir:

Joyous Angie and Westerwelle:

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