Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Earthquake in Indonesia-RedCross Help lines

My hubby usually gets up earlier than me and gets ready to leave for work. Like everyday he switches on radio (probably to wake me up :-)). I try my best to avoid listening to German radio and continue sleeping. But somehow I overheard Tsunami on the radio which took my sleep away. I tried to concentrate on the News and I woke up hearing about Tsunami in Samoa Islands triggered by an earthquake. I still have that scare of 2004 Tsunami in my mind which has killed 230,000 people. I quickly browsed thru the News online to check out its impact. Thank God it was not devastating as it was in 2004, yet again many lives are lost. I was really wondering where all these Tsunami Warning Technologies have gone which were developed investing huge amounts of money after 2004. God knows if there are any! My deep condolences to all those lives lost in Samoa Islands.

Well, that is not the end for today, when I was browsing online before going to bed in the night, then the earthquake news in Indonesia has shocked me a lot. A powerful earthquake has rocked Padang of Sumatra Islands, Indonesia. Thousands of people are feared dead and thouands more are still trapped in the wreck.

I am hereby posting some compiled links of the Help Lines for the powerful Earthquake which rocked Indonesia on 30th Sept 2009 has killed more than 1000 people and thousands more are trapped.

Indonesian Red Cross Society:

Palang Merah Indonesia:
PMI Padang Earthquake Disaster Response:
Ria Thahir, Kepala Sub Divisi Humas Markas Pusat PMI, Hp. 0816 131 0911, Tlp. 021-799 2325, ext. 201.

Surf Aid International:

Relief Web:

If you have updated links post in the comments and please forward it to those who are in need.

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