Friday, September 18, 2009

Non-traditional German names are discrimated by Teachers

Well, I happened to read a news article on the results of one of the strangest research conducted in Germany. It seems are German teachers are prejudiced against certain school students by their names from they moment they first read the school registers.

According to the research, the majority of teachers make presumptions about the behavior and performance of a student based merely on their first names. The students with traditional names like Charlotte, Marie, Hanna, Sophie, Alexander, Simon, Lukas, Jakob etc are considered to be well-mannered and intelligent. Whereas the students with non-traditional names like Chantal, Mandy, Angelina, Kevin, Justin, Maurice etc are regarded to be weak and ill-mannered or with bad behavior.

Undoubtedly, the names with positive connotations are among the top 10 names given to the newly born in Germany.

Well, if teachers themselves dont have faith in students just because of their names, then who will? Obviously the confidence of the students drop and may lead to negative traits and low performances.

Im wondering how Indian kids with Indian names are being considered by teachers???

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