Monday, September 14, 2009

Düsseldorf - Kaiserswerth

After 3 weeks we have relocated to Düsseldorf from Oberhausen, we could manage to find some time off from busy unpacking, adjusting and building furnitures to visit Kaiserswerth, one of the oldest city parts of Düsseldorf. Well it is a worth visiting place in Düsseldorf. You can find a different glory of river Rhine. I never did enjoy the sight of Rhine as I did it here. It was an amazing place.

We took U79 Undergroung Tube which nearly took 20 minutes to reach. As soon as we got off it, we were welcomed with traditional German Beer tents at the centre. Lots of people are gathered and enjoying the beers in the warm sun. Well, we managed to grab an Ice and started walking towards the river Rhine. Then we came across the Flea Market for books and paintings. We just hurried towards the river Rhine just looking at some of the paintings from the distance.

While walking along the Rhine river we came across the ruin remains of Kaiserpfalz (temporary seat of the Holy Roman Emperor) built in 1045.
We had some coffee at one of the restaurants on the river and then spent sometime in warm sun along the river-side snapping pictures in different poses. Well, we could able to snap some beautiful pictures of river Rhine too.
It was quite warm and we were very much tired. Especially, I was very much tired after posing for so many pictures :-)
We set off our return journey, and on our way back to U-Bahn station we tried to snap some beautiful old-buildings.
Well, we found this Lamp post interesting, so we did snap this too.
Though it was a small trip, it did leave memorable impressions as we did enjoy the true beauty of river rhine.

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