Sunday, March 14, 2010

My trials with Art

It has been long long time back, well, wen I was very young, I had tried my hands on painting. Infact, it was out of force than to be out of my natural instincts that I learnt painting as it was mandatory lessons. I dont remember, if I did paint or draw anything special, yet offlate suddenly a strange idea of re-inventing those instincts, has prompted me to try my hands on painting again. Well, the outcome was nothing special yet not bad thou.


I am just posting some pics of my trial paintings which after consultation with my hubby who decided to hang them on the wall of our living room. Thou not sure, yet they decorate our white living room wall. May be you guys can let me know are they worth enough to be out on the wall, just I need to buy some :-)


Frens, I just added one more painting to my trials with the art. Would love to hear from you all the feedback. By the way, many thanks for your lovely messages.


  1. Those look decent, I wil always give more importance to self hand made stuff over any gr8 painting in shops.

    BTW on a side note from your post:
    This line could mean killing the art ;) -- "hang them on the wall of our living room"

  2. @Seema, they look good...definitely more than just "trials"!

    @Priya, LOL...abt the "hang them...." part ::))

  3. This Art Something Different I Never Seen Like This Anyway Good Art

  4. Good start... keep experimenting and exploring new ideas. I am sure you will make a master piece sometime soon :) All the best.

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  6. you should continue this to do some more fine work but you start well

  7. thats really good