Thursday, February 11, 2010

Inder Wahnsinn! – Since My Name is Indian?

I never wanted to muse over the recent developments over Shahrukh Khan and MNIK issue. Yet, today I have been thru mental anguish for being an Indian. It all started when some of my colleagues in the morning came to me and started adoring Sharukh khan for he is in Berlin these days for Berlinale 2010. They have showed me an article from the very popular local newspaper which showered praise for Sharukh Khan, known as King Khan in Germany.

The newspaper rained accolades for King Khan for being a Messiah and bridging the cultures between the East and the West. The “God of movies” , “the King of Bollywood” whose fans account for more than 3 millions far more than the fans of George Clooney, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt together. He is the dream man of every Indian and being a Muslim and his wife being a Hindu, he lives a dream of Peace.

Well, definitely this article is not a publicity stunt from SRK, it shows how much SRK has influenced minds and hearts of the people in the West. He definitely has taught Germans to be warm-hearted. My colleagues were so overwhelmed and so do I after reading the article. I did feel proud too being an India.

Later in the day, the same set of couples approached me to ask me about the recent developments in India concerning to MNIK as they have read again something regarding it. I did not understand how to explain it to them. I tried to explain them but in brief. I was feeling a little low when I briefed them. My colleagues retorted that why the hell on this earth some people could doubt the integrity of SRK. They asked me what else he needs to do to prove to which extent he has integrated the people of India and allied the nations with his dream of peace.

I was indeed speechless…… My anguish has no words……..


MNIK poster in Berlin

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Online Edition of the newspaper article thou not exact, yet some snippets (German):

Berlinale: Berlinale is the most famous film festival of Germany held every year in Berlin. My Name is Khan is also being premiered this year with Sharukh Khan, Kajol and Karan Johar walk the red-carpet. Berlinale 2010 is held from Febrauary 11-21 screening almost 400 films. More info at:


  1. Nice Post. What do I do to get your new posts in my mail box. I cudn't find any such option here.

  2. To all the idiots who support Hindu Taliban like VHP and Bajrang Dal. Remember ---->> Shahrukh hasn't spoken against India. He just said that He'd have liked if Pakistani players have played IPL. Whats wrong in that ?

    If Shahrukh is wrong than go protest against Amitabh who has just done a stage show with Pakistani actors. Also go and protest against P.Chidambaram who has said the same thing what Shahrukh said. Also protest against Salman and Aamir. But Shiv-Sena won't protest against them. Why ? Because it would not give them the needed footage. The only person who can give them footage is SRK because his movie is releasing.

    If India allows to run buses and trains from Lahore to Amritsar. India India issues legal visas to hundreds of Pakistanis every year. If Pakistanis like Adnan Sami and Aatif Aslam are working here without legal permit. If India allows Pakistani passenger planes to fly across our border. Why just ban cricketers ?

  3. Shah Rukh Khan got a title DATUK mean a honored title in malaysia cause of his contributed promoting malaysia through his film.

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  5. I dont know if I should really bring out the dirty reasons coz there are so many of ur german friends who are actually reading your well Our country is a wierd one...thats all I can say..last night there was a blast in pune, in the city I live, but no one cares...anyways...hope you ppl enjoy the movie

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  7. Is this movie going to come to North American shores?

  8. This movie is making a lot of impact in US too. But not sure how many americans would watch it. There should hv been a complete english version of same to reach more audience.