Monday, July 20, 2009

Individuals' Intergrity

Discussion over wearing head scarves in France and in some parts of other countries has enthused me a lot these days. Everyday I read some or the other article on this. Other day I heard even my German course colleagues of different nationality even discussing on this. We all know this has always been a hot topic for debate. I heard people asking lot of questions like, Why is that a Muslim girl wears head scarf? Is it a must? What's the use? Is she not losing her identity? bla bla...
I am not here to emphasis on the religious or cultural part of this. But after the Prime Minister of France declared that no female with head scarf is allowed in France. This forced me to put a thought on this on-going issue. He stated that wearing Head-scarves hinders identity of Woman and so on. But I strongly it is the identity of the woman who prefers to wear head-scarf which has been integral part of her life. It is up to the woman, if she does want to wear it she can gladly. If she is willing to observe scarves, it should be her own decision rather than a second person influencing his/her decision on her. It's truly and solely based on person's individuality and one's own will. No Man or Nation should force woman to wear or to remove her headscarves.

The debate among classmates over this topic has ended in similar conclusions that every individual is identified by his own religion and custom and it is his/her integral part of life. Therefore every individual's identity should be respected and appreciated by every other individual. Well, the states or premieres of the states who are the Custodians of the individuals and their identity has no right to change it.........

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  1. Your opinion is correct, But if you write the proper reason for your argument that will be good. Opinion or arguments doesn't works for the society, it needs a justification.

    Better find a reason or use of wearing head scarves, and add the comments which you have written in this posting as a support. That gives more strength to this posting.

    This is my suggestion and take this in a positive manner :) .

  2. @Ashok
    It could be taken in different ways likein
    And I think justification to this issue is irrelevant, because it is no way beneficial or harmful to the surroundings or the people around..
    Justification would be an essential part only when the act is affecting someone or something...
    So taking it as personal choice or a cultural choice is not a harm in its own sense